Best travel insurance packages for Canada travelers

If you making any trip especially this period, it is important that you secure an insurance cover. With pandemic and health concerns in the world right now, every country especially Canada have started laying more emphasis on travelers health. 

One way to ensure that you not a burden to Canada’s healthcare is by providing a health insurance cover to take care of your medical costs and many more.  

So if you are travelling to Canada anytime soon, be sure to choose the best travel insurance policy that covers all your needs while abroad. 

Insurance coverage in Canada 

If you are an American traveler who plans to visit Canada anytime soon, then it is very important that you carry the right kind of travel insurance policy with you. 

This will help you get coverage against several potential accidents or illnesses while in Canada. Most Canadian policies provide coverage against specific situations such as car accidents, watercraft accidents, lost or stolen items, death or injury from crime, injuries due to falls or burns and loss or damage to property due to natural disasters. 

While some Canadian policies also provide cover against incidents such as arrest and evacuation from foreign countries, others do not provide such coverage. Before buying any Canadian travel insurance plan, therefore, it is important that you compare the various options available in the market and find one that meets your requirements. 

Benefits of Travel Insurance Plan Covered By the Policy 

Canada has always been one of the most desirable countries to visit because of its culture, historical sites, vibrant nightlife, diverse cuisine, stunning landscapes, etc. If you want to enjoy your vacation in Canada without worrying about unforeseen medical expenses, consider buying a good travel insurance package. 

However, there are many companies in Canada offering these packages. For that reason, it is crucial to choose the best company that offers quality coverage at affordable rates.

The type of policy you choose will depend on your personal needs and circumstances. There are different kinds of coverage options available in the market today. 

Best Travel Insurance Packages for Canada Travelers

Below are some of the insurance packages you could obtain if you are going to travel to Canada. They include:

Short-term Trip

This covers trips up to 3 months long for individual travelers or small groups Trip 

Cancellation and Trip Interruption Coverage

These two types of policies are usually recommended for travelers who may need to cancel or interrupt their trip because of certain unexpected events Trip 

Delay and Trip Cancellations – this type of policy provides coverage against delay in flights, transportation or ship services if they are caused by bad weather or other such incidents, thus enabling travelers to continue with their plans even if their journey is delayed 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Coverage

These policies cover medical conditions that were present at the time of booking a trip but that have been confirmed by a doctor after booking the trip. Policies can also be customized according to your individual needs and budgetary requirements 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (Non- Medical Emergency) Insurance Cover – some Canadian policies offer comprehensive medical insurance for all non-medical emergencies 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (Medical Emergency) Insurance Cover – similar to Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (Non-Medical Emergency) Cover, except that medical emergencies can be diagnosed only by a doctor 

Emergency Medical Expenses Cover – This covers emergency medical expenses during your trip if you need to be hospitalized due to illness or injury while travelling 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (Family/Parents/Grandparents ) Cover – It provides comprehensive medical insurance coverage for family members traveling with you, provided they have an existing medical condition at the time of travel 

Parental Travel Protection Insurance Cover – It covers parents, grandparents, guardians and siblings if they travel with you on the same trip under one single policy 

No Claim Bonus Insurance Cover – This type of insurance can help protect you from any financial losses incurred due to having to make a claim against your policy 

Travel Cancellation and Trip Interruption Cover – These types of policies provide protection in case you have to cancel or interrupt your trip because of reasons like sudden illness or death of a close relative. 

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