Canadian Colleges that Accepts HND for Post Graduate studies

Just recently, nice scholarship published a list of 12 Canadian Universities that allows you enroll in an MSc program with your HND result and this created a lot of awareness as well as got others asking for colleges that does same but this time, they’ll accept HND Holders for Post Graduate studies!

Well, for a start we’d like to make it clear that colleges in Canada do not offer master degree programs but would gladly accept you for Advanced diploma and Post graduate diploma or certificate programs and this is why this post is aimed at showing you the list of colleges that does this.

Why is this post important for you?

It is important because you’re an international student seeking for colleges that’ll accept your HND for a post graduate diploma in Canada.

Without posts like “Canadian Colleges that Accepts HND for Post Graduate studies”, it’ll be a little bit hard to find and this might cost you some good amount of money since you may throw a few applications to Canadian colleges that’ll never accept you.

So yes, this post will help you save your resources and time. It’ll also help you enjoy the process since we’ll list about 8 colleges and their programs application link too!

Post graduate Diploma VS Advanced Diploma.

At times, one may wonder…

Between a Post graduate diploma and an advanced diploma which do I opt for?

To answer this, please be informed that if you already obtained a Higher national diploma from a Polytechnic, a 3rd class degree, there is no need for you to go for Advanced diploma as you’ll be spending money learning things you’ve already done before.

However, if you have a national diploma or OND as some may call it, the Advanced diploma would be a valid option for you since you’ll be opportune to learn things you haven’t learnt before now.

On the other hand, Post graduate diploma is for you if you’ve obtained a higher national diploma but seek to acquire more knowledge in the field so as to become more equipped to carryout your duties at work.

Interesting things to know about Canadian Diploma Programs.

It is normal for you to wonder candidates undergoing diploma program in Canada would be treated fairly or stands an Equal opportunity with those going for a full bachelor’s degree and we’re using this section to provide some level of clarity for you.

Taking up a diploma program in Canada does not limit you in anyway. The only difference is that while your counterparts are getting issued a degree, MSc, you’ll obtain a diploma but every benefit your fellows in the university enjoys, you enjoy too.

One truth candidates don’t know is, a Canadian Diploma even puts you at a more advantage since you study only for a maximum of 2 years and gets issued a post graduate work permit just like your peers.

You have a more advantage since you can join the Canadian labor market within a shorter time and there are jobs you can easily fit in.

Can Diploma program allow me move with family?

Yes! So long as you’re studying in a Canadian college, a successful Admission permits you to come into Canada with your family. This means your son, child and spouse can travel along with you as defendants.

Will I be able to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit after Diploma program in Canada?

Yes. International students undergoing diploma program in Canada will be qualified to apply for Canadian post graduate work permit (PGWP) after graduation. This will however not be possible if your institution is not on the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) list.

So what Colleges accepts HND for post graduate studies? We shall be making a list of Canadian Colleges that Accepts HND for Post Graduate studies below!

Colleges that Accepts HND for Post Graduate Studies

Below is a table containing list of top 8 Canadian Colleges known for accepting a Higher national Diploma for Post Graduate studies. From this piece of information, you’re also getting a link to navigate school Website after which you can apply for the program of your choice!

College City Application Fee (CAD) Application Link
Seneca College Ontario $90
Niagara College Ontario $100
Humber College Ontario $100
Camosun College Victoria, British Columbia $100
New Brunswick Community College New Brunswick $100
College of New Caledonia British Columbia $125
Lambton College Ontario $150
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatchewan $150

Canadian Colleges that Accepts HND for Post Graduate studies

How Is this Helpful to Intending Candidates?

It is very helpful cos these candidates now knows what where to look when seeking an Admission and by so doing, their funds won’t be wasted on application fees. From the table above, it is also possible to recommend to friends based on the city too!

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